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Thera-Business Promotes Vlad Kuznetsov as Director of Software Development

Lindsay Kemp  • 

July 1, 2023

Thera-Business would like to congratulate Vlad Kuznetsov on his promotion to Director of Software Development. Here at Thera-Business we know that he will continue to excel in this new role. Mr. Kuznetsov been with Thera-Business since 2020. He has held the roles of Programmer & Data Analyst and Senior Programmer & Data Analyst.

Leveraging a solid foundation in Electrical Engineering acquired from Carleton University in 2015, Mr. Kuznetsov has emerged as a proficient full-stack web developer with a particular focus on JAM and MERN web development architectures. His skill set extends to mastery in the use of React and Node JavaScript libraries, honed over years of practical application. Mr. Kuznetsov has contributed to several web-related subcontracting projects and had a significant role in the development of website and application. This involved working with React Native, MongoDB, Mongoose, Node, and several templating engines. During his academic pursuits at Carleton University, Mr. Kuznetsov garnered valuable industry exposure through an internship at Ericsson, Ottawa. Therein, he worked on various projects involving product debugging and logic circuit testing, broadening his engineering acumen. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to continual learning, Mr. Kuznetsov has supplemented his formal education and practical experience with a series of comprehensive online courses. These focused endeavors have enabled him to stay abreast of evolving trends in software engineering and broaden his technical prowess.

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