Systematic Reviews

Systematic Reviews

Thera-Business consultants conduct objective, rigorous systematic reviews of the safety and performance of medical devices and pharmaceutical drugs/biologics. Our consultants have the education and experience to be able to rigorously appraise and analyze clinical research studies.

We provide expert information specialist services to generate comprehensive search strategies and literature searches.

We are experts in:

  • Developing comprehensive systematic review protocols
  • Developing research questions and selection criteria that incorporate the PICOS framework (ie, Patient or Population, Intervention, Comparator or Control, Outcome, and Study design)
  • Synthesizing, interpreting, and summarizing the results of the included studies
  • Performing risk of bias and quality assessments using validated tools (eg., Downs and Black Checklist, ROBINS-I, RoB 2)
  • Our systematic reviews adhere to both PRISMA and AMSTAR 2 guidelines, highly-regarded tools for assessing the reporting and methodological quality of systematic reviews

Why Choose Us

  • We are detail-oriented team players who have been providing medical research and writing services to our clients across the globe for over 25 years.

  • We are experts in the development of well-written and accurate regulatory documents.

  • We have completed hundreds of projects for leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and government health agencies.

  • We are driven by the knowledge that our work is important and makes a difference to patient care.

We've completed 500+ projects for leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as government health agencies.