In parallel with our expertise in systematic reviews, our team can help identify studies that are appropriate to be synthesized in a meta-analysis using the appropriate statistical methods. Our team includes highly trained statisticians and data analysts.

Steps we perform include:

  • Study selection and data extraction based on risk of bias assessment, data type, study design, and study objectives (e.g. interventional or diagnostic accuracy).
  • Deciding which data types can be combined in a meta-analysis, and how to transform different types of data across different studies into a measure that can be combined.
  • Selection of the correct meta-analysis model for your study (e.g. fixed effect or random effects meta-analysis)
  • Examining sources of heterogeneity between studies included.
  • Integration of additional techniques including, examination of publication bias, subgroup analysis, sensitivity analysis, cumulative meta-analysis, network meta-analysis, and meta-regression.
  • Application of advanced and cutting-edge techniques, which may be appropriate for your meta-analysis.

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We've completed 500+ projects for leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as government health agencies.