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Thera-Business provides expertly advised resources for you to use towards improving your literature reviews and evidence based-reports. We are experts in the development of well-written regulatory documents, and bring over 25 years of experience to you in our resources.

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Smart, innovative, and fearless - our team is here to help you!


For Thera-business, high quality is not an added value, it is an essential basic requirement.

We will help you generate successful regulatory documents while building higher on evidence-based foundations.

Our Services

Thera-Business has been providing medical research and writing services for over 25 years. We are experts in regulatory documents, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, post-market surveillance, and EU MDR implementation. In addition to providing the services outlined below, Thera-Business can provide scientific counsel and project management services.

We've completed 500+ projects for leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, as well as government health agencies.